MSEI Roster Mediator Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a Roster Mediator in the 6th Judicial District, please start by reading the requirements for roster membership.

If you feel you meet these requirements, there is an annual fee of $120 and a registration form to be submitted. Please email Annie Tucker, Executive Director, for next steps.

As a 6JD Roster Mediator, you might also be eligible to become a Settlement Conference Mediator:

In light of the trial scheduling order in the Sixth Judicial District requiring pretrial conferences 30 days prior to trial dates, MSEI has formed a list of mediators who are interested in doing mediation work in the form of settlement conferences between the pretrial conference date and the trial date in an effort to resolve cases without the need for litigation.

This is not a second roster. Judges will not be required to select a default mediator in any order, and you will not be required to offer pro bono services. Rather, this list serves as a resource to both judges and attorneys to allow them to select a mediator of their choice. The judges have indicated to us that this list will mainly be used in the event the parties request a settlement conference at the time of the pretrial conference. However, this list will also be a reference list for attorneys to use at any point during the pendency of the case.

It is likely that the settlement conferences will be conducted with attorneys present with the hopes of reaching an agreement and signing a stipulation prepared by the attorneys at the conclusion of mediation. Of course, each case is different, and a mediator would still have the ability to conduct mediation as he or she believes is the most conducive to resolving the case.

In order to be eligible to serve on this list, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have the ability and space to do caucus-style mediations (at least two private spaces).
  2. You must be listed on the original mediation roster on at least one county in the Sixth Judicial District and be in good standing (paid dues).
  3. You must be comfortable with attorneys being present in conducting a directive-style mediation. This would include giving legal opinions in order to facilitate agreements, which requires you to be an attorney in good standing.
  4. You must be willing to make reasonable efforts to get parties into mediation in a timely manner due to the quick turnaround between the pretrial conferences and the trial dates.

If you meet these requirements, please complete and send the Settlement Conference Mediator application (PDF) to Annie Tucker at the time when you are applying to be placed on the roster of 6JD family mediators.

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