Parenting Class

This Class is Two Required Classes in One:

  • The Parenting Class tells you about children and divorce and about children’s needs at different ages, to help you make decisions in your children’s best interest.
  • The Mediation Education Class explains mediation and how to prepare.
  • The two classes are offered at the same time, for your convenience.

More Information:

  • Who is required to attend:  People who have one or more minor children (under 18) involved in their legal case.
  • Do you need to attend together?  No.
  • What you’ll learn:
    • the needs of children of separated parents at different ages;
    • parenting skills for divorced or separated parents;
    • the financial responsibilities of parents following divorce; and
    • how to prepare for mediation.
  • Time:  4 or 4 1/2 hours, depending on the provider.
  • When:  Within 45 days of the date the petition was filed and before mediation.
  • Where:  At one of the locations below. You only attend ONE session. It includes both classes.
  • Cost:  $60 per person. One fee covers both required classes. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so you can pay before the session starts.
  • Requirements for reduced fee:  If you can provide proof of income by showing your Food Stamps, SSI or Title XIX card or if you can provide proof that your attorney is not charging you for services, you are eligible for a reduced class fee of $20. Otherwise, you pay the full fee of $60. This policy took effect February 1, 2014.
  • Class for children: If your case is filed in Linn or Johnson County, your minor children also need to take a class. Click here for more information.

Class Locations:

This class is currently only offered online. The class is offered by two agencies indicated below.

  • Parenting Solutions: Please visit the Parenting Solutions  website ( to see their class schedule. You may register online. For financial aid call:1-877-665-2120.
  • Family Development Associates: Please visit the Family Development Associates website ( to see their class schedule. You may register online. For financial aid call: 1-800-261-5097.
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