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Bryan Range

  • Contact Information

    First Name: Bryan
    Last Name: Range
    Cell Phone: 3193315950
    Organization: B.P.R. Therapy, Mediation & Coaching Services
    Mediation Location: Coralville 2441 Coral Court Suite #6 Coralville, Iowa 52241-2872 Thur & Fri: 9:00am - 8:00pm & Cedar Rapids SE 305 Second Ave SE, Suite 22 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 Tue & Thur: 9:00am - 8:00pm
  • Locations/Availability

    Availability: Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm Sat: 9am - 2pm  
    Description of Facilities: Coralville: no conference room; therapy-oriented setting   Cedar Rapids: Conference; mediation orientated setting
    Handicap Accessible: Yes
    Parking Availability: Coralville: yes   Cedar Rapids: meter/garage
    Types of Mediation Cases Desired: All issues relating to family and divorce
    Allows Attorneys at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing attorneys: Attorneys are more than welcome. I would ask to be notified prior to the mediation if an attorney will be present. I also ask that if one attorney is present that the other parties attorney is present as well.
    Allows Third Parties at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing third parties: Can be discussed in a open format during mediation or mutually agreed upon prior to meeting
  • My Photos

  • Professional

    Profession: Couple & Family Therapist, Mediator & Collaborative Law Professional

    I am a trauma-informed mediator which means that services include education on the effects, prevention, and recovery of trauma.  Visit my website for free information on trauma.  I utilize mostly the facilitative style of mediation which includes being less directive, rarely providing my opinion, orchestrating the process, leaving outcomes to the parties, asking a lot of questions to encourage understanding, assisting parties to develop and evaluate their own proposals for settlement.  I ensure the process is tailored to clients’ needs and I am process driven.  I may also use the evaluative style of mediation which includes the assessment of strengthens and weaknesses and may give directives, my opinion or advice on occasion.  Given the level of trust that develops between myself and the parties, the transformative style of mediation may occur which focusing on the party’s relational interaction, focusing on change in the quality of conflict, leading from behind with patience, and I may translate, reframe or reinterpret issues.   

    Education: The University of Iowa, Ph.D. August 2019 Couple & Family Therapy Saint Louis University, Masters of Arts May 2012 Counseling & Family Therapy Eastern Illinois University, Bachelors of Science Aug. 2009 University, and Departmental Honors
    Areas of Training: Mental Health, more specifically Couple and Family therapy.  I am a certified trauma professional and very proficient in managing conflict and communication between people.  I am also a trained Collaborative Law Coach and Child Specialist.
    Settlement Conference Mediator: Yes
    Work Experience: I have been practicing as a couple and family therapist since 2012 across a variety of settings.
    Spoken Languages: English
    Initial Mediation Training: 08/21/2011
    Mediation Training Hours: 60+
    Fees/Charges: $100 per party per hour.

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