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Davis Foster

  • Contact Information

    First Name: Davis
    Last Name: Foster
    Other Phone: 319-339-7727
    Mediation Location: Foster Law Office and Mediation Service, 1519 S. Gilbert Street, Iowa City, IA, or at a local courthouse.
    Facebook: Davis L Foster
  • Locations/Availability

    Availability: General availability with some advance notice
    Description of Facilities: This office has a main conference room, a second conference room, and 2 additional offices for consultation.
    Handicap Accessible: Yes
    Parking Availability: Plenty of parking is available.
    Types of Mediation Cases Desired: I do not restrict the type of case.
    Allows Attorneys at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing attorneys: The role of an attorney at a mediation is to assist their client in making an informed decision. The mediator will continue to control the progression of the mediation process.
    Allows Third Parties at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing third parties: Any third party must not be there to provoke the parties. Their role is to provide information or emotional support. There may be some instances where a third party will be asked to wait outside.
  • My Photos

  • Professional

    Profession: Attorney
    Comments: I have been an attorney for 37 years and have a great deal of experience with the issues involved in family law matters, specifically including issues relating to domestic abuse and child physical and sexual abuse issues.
    Education: Juris Doctor Degree, With Distinction, from the University of Iowa College of Law, in 1981.
    Areas of Training: I received my training in Mediation through the Drake University College of Law.
    Settlement Conference Mediator: Yes
    Mediation Prep Session Attorney: Yes
    Mediation Prep Rate: $250 an hour, one hour minimum
    Work Experience: I have been an attorney for 37 years. I have handled divorce cases, criminal cases, juvenile court delinquency and CINA cases, and civil domestic abuse cases which involved allegations of physical and sexual abuse. The divorce cases have had financial issues ranging from no significant assets to family farms, requests for alimony, business ownership, and complicated retirement plans. All of this gives me some insight into how to help people have open discussions of traditional and creative ways to reach a resolution of this difficult and stressful time in their lives.
    Spoken Languages: English
    Initial Mediation Training: 01/04/2016
    Mediation Training Hours: 24
    Fees/Charges: $250 per hour.

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