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David Reedy, M.A.

  • Contact Information

    First Name: David
    Last Name: Reedy
    Cell Phone: 3195588985
    Other Phone: 3195588985
    Organization: David Reedy Mediations, LLC
  • Locations/Availability

    Availability: Available: Monday through Friday 10:00am-8:00pm and saturday 12:00pm-4:00pm or by appointment.
    Description of Facilities: Itinerant, location will be situational specific.
    Handicap Accessible: No
    Parking Availability: Varies by location and situation.
    Types of Mediation Cases Desired: Family: All Issues, Family: Child Custody/Visitation, Property/Assets/Alimony/Support I will help anyone that needs help, however, I would prefer to work with those with an open-mind and a readiness to solve their own problems and take charge of their own destiny.
    Allows Attorneys at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing attorneys: It is preferable that parties be willing to work out solutions themselves, but attorneys are welcome, but it is preferred that if one party is represented by an attorney that additional parties be allowed to have advance notice and representation as well.
    Allows Third Parties at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing third parties: Normally not done. If desired by both parties, then additional party may be appropriate.
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  • Professional

    Profession: Mediator, Life Coach, Trainer for Adult Mentoring and Circles of Support and Accountability, and Direct Service Provider for the cognitively disabled
    Comments: To help two (or more) parties reach consensus in as many areas as possible and to empower parties to chart their own course.
    Education: Studied Theatre and Communication at Eastern New Mexico University; Bachelor in Psychology, U. of Phoenix, 2004; Masters in Psychology: Conflict Resolution & Mediation, U of the Rockies, 2012; Over 20 years experience informally studying psychology.; Several trainings in mediation topics
    Areas of Training: divorce, domestic abuse, conflict resolution models, problem-solving models, mediation techniques, emotional intelligence, cognitive disabilities, mentoring, other areas of conflict resolution
    Settlement Conference Mediator: No
    Mediation Prep Session Attorney: No
    Work Experience: Four years experience in customer service, over 3 years experience in social services and in behavioral health counseling, and over a year's experience mentoring convicts, parolees, and college students. Three years of mediating and dozens of mediations completed.
    Initial Mediation Training: Comprehensive Divorce and Family, 40 hours, March 2015
    Fees/Charges: Minimum flat charge: $100 per person per hour with a two hour minimum. $100 per person per hour after that. Travel charges are included in these fees. Fees subject to change. Fees and travel costs are negotiable.

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