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Sara Meierotto

  • Contact Information

    First Name: Sara Beth
    Last Name: Meierotto
    Cell Phone: 319-338-7968
    Organization: Bray and Klockau, PLC
    Mediation Location: 402 S. Linn St. Iowa City IA 52240
  • Locations/Availability

    Counties Served: Johnson,Linn,Others by appointment
    Availability: Weekdays: Mon - Fri.; 8 A.M. - 5 P.M
    Description of Facilities: 2 Conference Rooms
    Handicap Accessible: Yes
    Parking Availability: Limited free street parking places with lots of options for meters.  There are also two different parking ramps located one block away from the office.
    Types of Mediation Cases Desired: Family: All Issues, Family: Child Custody/Visitation, Property/Assets/Alimony/Support I believe that mediation is applicable to many types of cases and situations. I'm open to discussing the possibility of doing a mediation for a wide range of situations. I've performed mediations by phone in cases where travel is difficult and will work with parties to provide the optimal setting for their mediation.
    Allows Attorneys at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing attorneys: With consent of both parties
    Allows Third Parties at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing third parties: With consent of both parties
  • My Photos

  • Professional

    Profession: Mediator
    Comments: I've seen mediation work in wondrous ways throughout family law cases. I believe that each family is unique and requires a unique resolution to their case. I've seen mediation be used to personalize settlements that fit a family and provide peace of mind in a way that could not be found in a court room. I strive to let clients find their own solution. At the end of each mediation session, I prepare a summary of agreements at no charge, which is sent to the clients and their attorneys.
    Education: Graceland University
    Areas of Training: Family law, divorce, child custody, child and spousal support, domestic abuse, division of property, division of expenses, temporary care arrangements, modification of child care arrangements, and improvement of future communication for parties Family, Workplace, Residential disputes, Landlord/tenant disputes, Contracts, Medical malpractice, Personal injury, School or Church conflicts
    Work Experience: I've worked at Bray and Klockau since 2008. I have experience in helping many clients through their family law issues. I am well versed in structuring child care schedules and sorting through post divorce financial arrangements. I use this experience to address one issue at a time during mediation, with the intention of leading clients towards the big picture of a final settlement agreement.
    Initial Mediation Training: September 2013
    Mediation Training Hours: 10
    Fees/Charges: $90.00 per hour per person with two hour minimum, Administration Fee; $10.00 per person (One time fee) , $0.25 per mile for clients not referred by default mediator list. Two hour minimum required for mediation unless previously negotiated.

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