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Janet Manatt

  • Contact Information

    First Name: Janet
    Last Name: Manatt
    Cell Phone: 319-362-8791
    Organization: Manatt Mediation
    Mediation Location: Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Locations/Availability

    Counties Served: Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn, Tama
    Availability: Monday through Friday: 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
    Description of Facilities: Conference room
    Handicap Accessible: Yes
    Parking Availability: Yes
    Types of Mediation Cases Desired: Family: All Issues, Family: Child Custody/Visitation, Property/Assets/Alimony/Support
    Allows Attorneys at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing attorneys: With both parties' agreement.
    Allows Third Parties at Mediation: Yes
    Comments on allowing third parties: With both parties' agreement.
  • My Photos

  • Professional

    Profession: Retired educator/ Consultant/ Mediator
    Comments: You are the ones who make the best decisions about your issues. Mediation helps you find your own solutions. If I can help please contact me.
    Education: Bachelor: 1969, Music and Elementary Education, Psychology, Clarke College. Masters: 1972, Music Ed., University of Iowa
    Areas of Training: Family/Divorce Mediation, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Small Claims Mediation
    Work Experience: Elementary through High School Teacher, College Instructor, Volunteer Projects Manager
    Initial Mediation Training: 4/2006
    Mediation Training Hours: 80+ hours
    Fees/Charges: $60 / per party per hour which includes time spent in mediation plus time writing a Memorandum of Understanding and a $25 per party adminsitrative fee. I will do pro-bono work upon referral from Iowa Legal Aid.

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