List of Mediators

  1. Choose from the list of Roster Mediators below. It is important for both of you to speak with several mediators before making a decision.
  2. You can also find information on each mediator here (including location, fees, experience, etc.) by clicking on their image.
  3. When calling different mediators:
    • Tell them what is important to you about your decision-making and mediation.
    • Ask how they see their role as mediator.
    • If you think that meeting and talking with your (soon-to-be) ex will be hard or if you are uncomfortable or afraid of being with him/her, let the mediator know. Ask the mediator how they would handle that.
    • Ask whether the mediator already knows either of you or has a personal bias that would affect his or her ability to be neutral when working with you.
  4. Which mediators sound like someone you could work with and trust? Select a Mediator acceptable to both of you.
  5. If you can’t agree on a mediator, the Court has assigned a default mediator (on page 3 of your order).
Mediation Services of Eastern Iowa

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