List of Mediation Prep Session Attorneys

Below is a list of attorneys who have been trained in mediation and are willing to meet with you prior to your mediation session to provide legal advice in preparation for mediation. These attorneys may also be willing to attend mediation with you, provide assistance to you in finalizing your case after your mediation, or assist you in other ways. To receive legal assistance from one of these individuals, please contact the attorney of your choosing. Their rates and contact information are listed below.

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  • Christine Crilley

    Attorney and Mediator

    Benton,Johnson,Jones,Linn,Others by appointment

    $200 an hour, one hour minimum

  • Nicholas Herbold



    $225 an hour, I bill to 1/10 of an hour with no minimum

  • Dana Judas


    Benton,Iowa,Johnson,Jones,Linn,Others by appointment

    $225.00 per hour

  • Rae Kinkead




  • Mona Knoll



    $275 an hour, no minimum

  • Rachel McCrate

    Attorney and Mediator

    Benton,Iowa,Johnson,Jones,Linn,Tama,Others by appointment

    $200 an hour, no minimum

  • Angi Railsback

    Family Law Attorney and Mediator

    Linn,Others by appointment

    $200 an hour, one hour minimum

  • Kristen Shaffer

    Attorney, Mediator, and Parent Coordinator

    Johnson,Linn,Others by appointment


These attorneys are not affiliated with MSEI, the State of Iowa or the Judicial Department. MSEI is only providing this list as a resource to help individuals work to resolve their cases efficiently. MSEI does not oversee or monitor any work being performed by the attorneys on this list and makes no assurances about the legal services they provide. The details of all legal services should be determined by agreement of the attorney and client.

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