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Contact Information

First Name:Daniel
Last Name:Willems
Office Phone:
Cell Phone:319-366-0811


Online settlement conference mediation offered?:Settlement Conf: Online Available
Comments on online/in-person mediation:

Mediator can host a mediation on a Zoom platform. Breakout rooms are used when needed for caucuses. Zoom allows document sharing.

Counties Served:Benton, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, and Linn

Weekdays: Monday to Friday, 8 – 5 p.m. Weekends: Saturday by appointment and Nights: by appointment


641 40th St. S.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403


1 conference room

Handicap Accessible:Yes
Settlement Conference Location:

641 40th St. S.E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403



Types of Settlement Conference Mediation Cases Desired:

Family: All Issues, Family: Child Custody/Visitation, Property/Assets/Alimony/Support Where parties find that they cannot communicate with each other without hostility, I offer a communication training program which has been scientifically studied and proven effective to reduce hostility and promote productive communication.
Probate: I help settle family disputes and develop family settlement agreement. I can arbitrate or mediate disputed claims against the estate.

Allows Attorneys at Settlement Conference Mediation:Yes
Comments on allowing attorneys:

Attorneys are welcome to attend. However, most clients wish to avoid the extra cost and will have their attorneys available by phone or will reserve an issue to consult with their attorney between mediation sessions.

Allows Third Parties at Settlement Conference Mediation:Yes
Comments on allowing third parties:

If a party wants a third party to attend mediation, the mediator should be alerted in advance. In most cases the mediator will require that both parties agree to the presence of the third party and the extent to which a third party can participate.


Profession:Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator

I help transform conflict into conversation and conversation into agreement.


Associate 1978 Religion, Christ For Nations Bible Institute Bachelor 1982 Psychology, Business Central College J.D. 1985 Law, University of Iowa

Areas of Training:

Divorce and Family Mediation Training. 40 hours. Additional training concerning: a) high conflict, domestic abuse and personality disorders in mediation; b) effect of divorce on children; c) Peacemaking theory and applications; d) Training for Commercial Arbitration to become a rostered arbitrator with FINRA; e) Peacemakers Mediation training for all types of disputes (40+ hours) and f) Mediation and arbitration training for personal injury cases.

Work Experience

Pastor, Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator (approved arbitrator for FINRA)

Spoken Languages:English
Initial Mediation Training:June 2001, 40 hours -- American Acad. Of ADR
Mediation Training Hours:250+

$200.00 Per Hour split by both parties (minimum two hours per session) Administrative Fee: $25.00 each side for first session only. If a party is facing severe financial hardship I offer a sliding scale in family law cases with each side paying an hourly rate equal to 4 times that person’s hourly wage up to a maximum of $100 an hour. Unemployed pay $20 an hour. For counties, except Linn County, payment for a session must be paid in advance and arrive in the mediator’s office before a mediation will take place.