In mediation, it’s your solution.

“We were able to talk about things.”

“Prompt results with less cost.”

“Our decision, rather than a court’s decision.”

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Online Mediation Education Class

While this class is available to anyone, it is primarily offered for those without minor children.

Find a Mediator

There are many kinds of mediators. Mediators have different styles and philosophies. Choose the style that works best for you.

Classes for People in Divorce or Custody Cases

All parties in divorce and custody cases are required by the court to attend a mediation education class. This can be done online or in person. Parties with minor children must also attend a parenting class.

Online Participant Survey

After you have completed the divorce and custody mediation process, we invite you to tell us about your experience.


What is mediation? When is the best time to begin? Is mediation ever inappropriate? How does it work?

I’m afraid or worried.


Forms, handouts, and surveys.

In mediation it is your voice, your decision…your solution.

People like to control their own destiny and they like to participate in the process.

– Mediator

Our decision, rather than a court’s decision.

– Mediation Participant

We explored different options in a calm, neutral environment.

– Mediation Participant

Everything, even things we hadn’t thought of, was brought out in the open, discussed, and resolved.

– Mediation Participant

For Mediators, Attorneys, and Other Professionals


For attorneys, mediators, and other professionals.

Roster Mediator Account Management

Edit profile, pay annual fee, register for classes.

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